Araz is a professional travel company based in Tehran offering train, cruise and air travel services. The company is an inbound tour operator and a leading specialist in the cultural attractions and sightseeing tours of Iran.

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About Araz

The word “ARAZ” is taken from the name of a wild river flowing from east Turkey along a portion of the border between north west Iran and the southwest Russia into the Kura river.
Because of its strategic position, this river is considered to be a joint boundary between Iran and other countries such as Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan and the Republic of Nakhichevan. Moreover, from long ago, this river has had a mythological reputation. In the Armenian language the word Araz is known as “Arax”, in the Persian language as “Aras” and in the Azeri language as “Araz”, all of which have the same root in the Aryan language.

The below letter is received from one of our site visitors who has given a very interesting and valuble comment about other meaning of word “Araz”:

” I came across your “website” today and I have enjoyed browsing the content.As I was browsing around, I noticed the section about the “name Araz”. My nick name is Araz and I am originally a Turkmen from Iran, residing in Virginia, USA. The name Araz is a common name among Turkmen of Iran. It is usually used as a prefix, such as in my name (Araz-dordi, Araz-galdi, Araz-berdi and so on). Having said this, If I may suggest one more meaning
of Araz to your description of “the name Araz” in your site. In Turkmen it means “the month of Ramazan”. Those who are born in the month of Ramazan will have a prefix of “Araz” at the beginning of their names. So, since I was born in the month of Ramazan, I carry the name Arazdordi (meaning = born in Ramazan).

Best wishes,
Arazdordi Toumadje, Ph.D.”

  • ARAZ Logo
    The logo of Araz is taken from the ancient metal and bronze engravings of Lorestan (7-8 BC), which are considered to be original Iranian ancient designs that are associated with miniature paintings.

  • ARAZ Activities

    1. Organizing classic/cultural tours
    2. Organizing adventure tours such as: peak climbing, trekking, rock-climbing, skiing, caving, mountain biking, camel riding, horseback riding, desert safari, water sports
    3. Organizing classic together with adventure tours
    4. Organizing adventure tours for some of the Iranian tour operators
    5. Organizing training tours in the Himalayas.
    6. Organizing incentive tours, holy sightseeing tours, research tours, etc.
    7. Organizing tailor made itineraries according to the requests of clients

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