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Iran Nomads Tours

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Iran Nomads Tours

The Nomads
The life of the nomads has been defined by migration. As shepherds, the nomads follow their sheep to mountains and plains to find them food. So if they do not have sheep, they are not shepherds and if they do not migrate, they are not nomads any more.
Two times a year, the nomads, young and old, man and woman set off to cross the mountains, plains, and rivers along with their sheep to reach the dense meadows. They migrate to cool mountainous areas as the weather gets hot (Yeylaq), while they go to moderate and warm plains as it gets cold in the mountainous areas (Qeshlaq). There are a thousand of years that they have chosen this way of living creating a culture which has the color and smell of the nature. The nomads are in love with the nature and a part of it. Their black tents woven of the hair of the goats , the barking of their dogs, the smell of their firewood, the sound of their sheep and goats’ bells, and the smell of their just cooked bread are signs of a friendly resort in the heart of the wild nature. They try to keep the order of their tribe and respect their family and the chef of the tribe. If you get close to them friendly and enter their tents they would share whatever they have with you and welcome you warmly at their nap on the ground to eat with them.
This culture of the nomads of Iran is not specific to a single tribe like the Kurds, the Balutch, the Qashqai, the Turkman or Shahsavan or a specific region, but to whoever called nomad everywhere in Iran.

Bakhtiyari Nomads,
Widespread plains and high mountainous regions at northern parts of the Khuzestan Province up to Lorestan and western parts of Chaharmahal Bakhtiyari province have housed the Bakhtiyari nomads. The nonstop migration and the difficult living conditions, has made their music sad and their funerals longer.

The Shahsavan Nomads:
The mountains and green plains of north Azerbayejan from the banks of Aras River up to the foothills of Sabalan, and from the Sahand mountain range to Arasbaran Jungles are the residence of the Shahsavan nomads. The music specific to this tribe is happy and their cheer in ceremonies and weddings as well as the horse riding of their women is typical to them.

The Qashqai nomads
They live in the Fars Province from the banks of the southern rivers of Iran up to Sarhadat Mountains; from the east of Khuzestan up the Boyerahmadi nomads is the residence of the Qashqai tribe. They are friendly and hardworking people who speak Turkish with a regional accent. Their music and wedding parties are famous. Drinking tea and smoking the hobble bubble are their never stopping hobbies. They design their tents with colorful pompons and wear specific Qashqai hats.

Turkmen Nomads,
The western plains of the Caspian Sea up to Atrak river banks and the south of eastern Alborz are the residence of the Turkmen. The red costumes of these nomads as well as their white animal skin hat are used by them for a thousand of years.

The nomad tribes in Iran,
Although the nomad society has grown smaller and smaller with their settling in villages, there are still nomads who live in Zagros and Alborz mountain ranges.