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Iran Ski Tours

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Iran Ski Tours

Skiing in Iran
Adequate snowfalls in Zagros and Alborz Mountains set the favorable scene for activities like skiing. Abundent peaks of these mountain chains calls for adventurous mountain climbers.
Mountain Skiing
A great number of European skiing tourists to Iran are attracted to high and covered-in-snow mountains which mainly include the following regions:
Skiing in Takht Soleiman region
There are more than 15 peaks of 4000 meters high and more which are accessible and favorable to skiing with northern and southern snowy slopes especially in Hesarchal and Sarchal regions. Staying in these regions, you could experience 4 or 5 days of exciting skiing.
Skiing in Zardkuh Bakhtiari:
You could experience at least 7 days of skiing in the snowy slopes of the regions around this mountain chain with more than 10 peaks of the altitude of 3850-4200 meters.
Skiing in Dena Mountain Chain:
It is a mountain chain with the longitude of more than 90 kilometers drawn from southeast to northwest that has more than 15 peaks with the height of 4000 meters and more, the highest of which is Qash Mastan, more than 4440 meters high, located in the center of this giant mountain chain.
The southern side of this mountain chain is rocky and the northern side has a moderate slop, as if this mountain chain has left the ground as the result of internal pressures of the earth. Most of the climbing is at the northern side which is covered in snow from winter to early spring time. Skiing season in this region is from January to April.
Ski landing from Damavand
Damavand as a single volcanic and high peak has always been the center of attention to mountain climbers and skiers. Its access is easy and non-technical.
Its southern side, due to suitable facilities and an even slope, is one of the most popular winter and summer routes for climbing and skiing while its northern side is one of the most attractive routes.
Alpine Skiing
Iran has more than 25 skiing resorts out of which 4 have the required facilities to held international competent. These international skiing resorts are welcoming annually foreign Alpine skiers and tourists of countries like France, Austria, Germany, Russia, and Swiss. The abundant capabilities of skiing coaches working for our agency gives us the opportunity to present Alpine skiing tours or skiing courses with Austrian method. Besides, we could thoroughly meet the needs of foreign trainees using modern equipment and new methods.

Dizin Ski resort
This ski resort is not only the most important resort of Iran, but also one of the most valid ski resorts of the Middle East. Dizin is the first ski resort of Iran which was approved by the World Federation for holding official competent because lots of its traits like the slope, route and facilities followed the international standards.
Dizin ski resort is located in northern mountains of Tehran (Gagereh region), 123 kilometers from Chalous Route and 71 kilometers from Shemshak city. It has 3 cable cars, 2 télesieges, 7 Platter Lifts. Talking of the facilities of this resort, one could mention 2 hotels, 5 restaurants, and 19 huts. The altitude of this resort is between 2650 to 3600 meters. The best skiing time there is the late November and early May.

:Touchal Ski resort
This resort is one of the most popular ski resorts of Tehran as well as the closest one to Tehran. It has 3 cable cars length of which is totally about 7500 meters and they are known as one set of the worlds’ joined cable cars.
There are 3 routes in that resort, the first one is located at a peak of the altitude of 3550-3850 meters with the length of 1200 meters, the second one is located at the western hillside with the height of 3550-3750 meters and the length of 900meters, and the third one is located at the 7th until 5th stations with the height of 2940-3750meters and the length of 5500 meters. The first two routes are equipped with téléskis and telesiege, while the third one due to lots of ups and e is called Touchal Hotel, which has 30 rooms and is located at the altitude of 3550 meters at the end of the first and second routes.

Darbandsar Ski Resort
The most recent ski resort of Tehran has been founded in 1981 by the skiing pioneers and lovers in the form of a private company. This resorts is located in Darbandsar Village 60 kilometers northeastern part of Tehran.
The lift machines there include 2 télésièges and 3 téléskis. The lowest point of that has the altitude of 2600meters and the highest point is of the altitude of 3050meters.

Shemshak Ski Resort
This resort is located 57kilometers away from northeastern part of Tehran in the city of Shemshak which belongs to Ghasran District of Shemiranat city of Tehran. It is possible to access Shemshak resort from Lashkarak-Fasham and Karaj-Gachsar (only in summertime) routes. The altitude of the highest point of this resort is 3050 meters from the sea level while the altitude of its lowest point is 2550 meters from the sea level.
This resort has been called an international one in 1999 after changes in its slope as the second international resort after Dizin.

Pouladkaf International Ski Resort
It is located 88 kilometers from Shiraz and after 15 kilometers passed in the route from Sepidan to Margoun waterfall. This resort has a 4 star hotel, 4 restaurants, a cable car with the length of 2 kilometers, 2 téléskis with the length of 1600 meters and 8 snow motors. Pouladkaf resort has been known as the second international ski resort of the country and welcomes enthusiastic skiers every year.downs does not benefit from the same equipment. The only hotel ther